Transforming our relationship with food, the land and eachother.

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GROW is an educational movement transforming our relationship with food, the land and each other.

Based at our host farm at The Totteridge Academy in Barnet, GROW is a life skills education programme that engages young people with nature, teaches them about nutrition and wellbeing, and provides a sustainable source of food for schools and the local community. 


To build confidence and nurture wellbeing.

To cultivate new relationships with nature and the outdoors.

To give everyone the tools to shape their own future and make positive changes in the world.


This project is something unique in the area and will enable all the community to engage with and understand the environment, animals, food and nutrition.
— Caroline Stock, Mayor of Barnet


Based at our newly established 6 acre farm at The Totteridge Academy in Barnet, GROW is building a vibrant working farm which will function as a vital community resource. 

We are currently fundraising to build a multipurpose community building that will act as the hub of the community farm and GROW HQ. From 2020, it will host all GROW curriculum classes and will be available to rent for a variety of activities including yoga classes, workshops, private functions, and community events.

The GROW community farm will also run volunteer and training programmes and low-cost activities for the elderly and youth groups throughout the year.

We will grow fresh fruit & vegetables and function as a working commercial farm. We will raise farm animals and keep bees, involving the students and community in every stage.

“GROW lessons have helped me to think about what I eat and my place in the world.”

Alfie, Year 7



The GROW educational programme aims to facilitate and empower young people to make positive changes in themselves and the world around them for a sustainable, happier and more connected future

GROW’s current educational curriculum delivers sessions for Y7 and Y8 students in food and farming, nutrition, yoga, philosophical thinking, breath work, mental maintenance and more. 

We have successfully trialled a full term of the GROW curriculum with 50 Totteridge Academy students and will be delivering this to 250 students from September 2019.

Our long term aim is to roll out the GROW curriculum to schools and communities nationwide, re-shaping the landscape of education, food and well being. 


“I really like yoga because it takes all the things I’m thinking about in my life away and makes me feel calm.”

Yaqub, Year 7



GROW is a newly established charity with ambitious aims. We rely on the support of generous individuals and organisations to continue our work.

If you or your organisation are looking to support charitable work focussed on young people, environment and community, GROW would love to hear from you. Please take a look at our fundraising pack below or get in touch with


If you are interested in volunteering or being a part of setting up the GROW community farm please email or sign up to our mailing list below.

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